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We Have a History with Technology

Our company’s story begins in 1894, with Charles A. Cross and Charles Abbott. The founders of the Cross-Abbott Company, a small grocery wholesaler in White River Junction, Vermont. Fast-forward seventy years, the Cross-Abbott Company is now one of the most sophisticated wholesale and retail food distribution businesses in New England.

In 1965, A.W. Cunningham Sr., President and CEO of Cross-Abbott, recognized that technology would be an engine that powers opportunity. A forward-thinker, A.W. purchased one of the first mainframe computers in North America, and Computac Inc. was born.

Headquartered in West Lebanon, NH, Computac Inc. focuses on offering time sharing and data processing services to local wholesale and retail businesses. As technology evolves and grows, so does Computac; they transition from developing applications to producing software for inventory control, distribution, and logistics throughout the Americas.

In 1998, John A. Hochreiter, President and CEO of Computac Inc., recognized the natural progression of Computac’s services was in transportation. A road visionary, John launched Roadvision Systems. Now decades later, Roadvision Systems helps carriers across North America build and grow better trucking businesses faster.

Our company’s history is over a century old. The once-small grocery company that began by employing shelf stockers and clerks now employs software architects and service professionals.