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We build powerful trucking management software, designed to help carrier’s run stronger trucking businesses.


Diesel Price Index

National Ave.: $3.063 (Fuel Price Down -0.023)
East Coast: $3.111 (Fuel Price Down -0.022)
Midwest: $3.02 (Fuel Price Down -0.024)
Gulf Coast: $2.851 (Fuel Price Down -0.023)
Rocky Mountain: $2.972 (Fuel Price Down -0.009)
West Coast: $3.432 (Fuel Price Down -0.028)


A 360° Bird’s Eye View of Your Dispatching World

Give your dispatchers powerful tools that helps them oversee all aspects of your dispatching operation. From active trips, line hauls and carrier drops, to pickups and freight ready for load planning. Learn how you can revolutionize your dispatching operation with Roadvision trucking software.

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About Us

Carriers Drive Our Development

Roadvision is a New Hampshire based company with over two decades of experience developing technologies specific to the trucking industry. We are employee driven, and our focus is building long-term relationships with our devoted carrier partners. LTL, Truckload, large or small, our commitment is to our carriers, and our platform is developed specifically for your unique needs.

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Designed for the unique billing requirements of the LTL trucking industry.

Automated processes complete routine tasks such as customer pricing programs and plan selections. Roadvision LTL invoicing software allows billers to shift their attention toward data workflow and rate auditing. Give your team focused time to ensure that customers get invoiced accurately and punctually, from the start.

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Blockchain Technology and Trucking


Transportation Tech talk is buzzing about “blockchain” right now. In the past year other technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, drones and autonomous trucks have consumed the chattersphere. Read More →
EDI Trucking Software


According to Wikipedia Electronic data interchange (EDI) “is the concept of businesses communicating electronically certain information that was traditionally communicated on paper. Read More →


Sales reps are invaluable as they find new customers, build relationships, and help solve problems. However, with the rise of the digital economy, they must also now add data analysis to their skill set. Read More →


Let Technology Help You Grow

Share real-time ETA’s with your customers and partners to deliver superior transportation services. Our API-based solutions will advance your operational performance, and improve communication from end-to-end.

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Technology Partners

We Collaborate With Innovative
Technology Makers

We work with best-in-class technologies to deliver the transportation industry’s premier full-service, turnkey solutions;  ranging from re-weight scales, tariffs rating engines and on-board trip management to general ledger integrations.