Welcome, you’ve joined the fastest growing platform in transportation technology – we can’t wait to get started. Decades of moving customers from their old TMS to Roadvision has helped us form this multi-phase implementation roadmap.

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The following steps outline a typical implementation process for our customers.

Phase 1

The Sales Agreement has been approved, processed, and distributed. Your “Welcome to Roadvision” package has been shipped.


Phase 2

Data conversion content has been collected, converted, and loaded. Next, your Roadvision “sandbox” database is created. Samples of your forms (DR, FB, INV, Manifest, and more) have been collected, created and installed. Connections to Roadvision have been implemented. We collaborate to identify a target “go live” date, while developing and implementing a training schedule.


Phase 3

Training sessions are conducted on your “sandbox” database and your forms are tested to vet various shipment scenarios. Internal processes and workflows are adjusted and/or developed. 100% of your connections to Roadvision are implemented.


Phase 4

The target “go live” date is here and your “sandbox” database has been cleaned, creating your “live” Roadvision database. Your company is now “live” on Roadvision, well done! We are available 24/7 to support your team.


Phase 5

Over the course of the first year, we will work very closely with you and your company. As we approach your one-year anniversary using Roadvision, we coordinate an operations analysis to fine-tune processes, workflows and develop a continued education plan.

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