Give your dispatch team the tools to easily plan and manage manifests from one dialogue – with complete insight into all inbound and outbound freight.

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Real-time Solution

Roadvision Truckload & LTL trucking software gives your dispatchers centralized visibility of real-time, big-picture supply chain information.

  • Get real-time load planning and optimization
  • Use a Birds-eye view of every planned and active trip

Easy-to-use Dispatching

User-friendly and intuitive trucking software workflows allow dispatchers to quickly build and manage manifests by simply dragging freight or pickups from load boards and onto trips. Provide your team with easy-to-use manifesting flexibility designed for the unique dispatching requirements of the Truckload & LTL trucking industry.

  • Combine multi-terminal, multi-line-haul and multi-drop manifests
  • Mix pickups, line-hauls, interline handoffs, drops and deliveries on a single manifest
  • Plan & track resource availability for drivers, tractors, trailers, pups and carriers
  • Ensure margins are maximized with trip costing business analytics optimization

Mobile Dispatch

Paired with Roadvision Mobile Dispatching “Driver Connect,” carriers like yourself achieve new levels of efficiency within their trucking businesses and throughout their supply chain logistics network.

  • Use our Mobile Dispatch software on any web-enabled device
  • Enable company and non-company drivers to manage their trips live, in real-time
LTL Trucking Mobile Dispatching
“Roadvision Costing allows our dispatchers to maximize the revenue and profitability of each shipment without compromising service levels.”
Dina McKnight, President & CEOZip Xpress

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