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Business Insight Reporting Trucking Software

Roadvision Business Insight Reporting provides carriers with a collection of powerful reports that allow them to explore and analyze their trucking business. Each report features a sophisticated look at contextual freight data by supply chain customers and logistics partners, with enhanced easy-to-use functionality that can be quickly exported or shared by email.

  • Security: Protect access to your data with user or group security that you can configure as you wish.
  • Mobile: Take your data with you. Create mobile, web-based reports that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Let Your Data Drive Decisions

Using our full-service Business Insight Reporting carriers get real-time access into their trucking business from a range of layers. Start with a bird’s eye, macro view of customers by lane, then zero in and drill down to get a micro look at a specific customer’s data. Next analyze that info and drive smarter business decisions.

  • Share actionable insight about key factors impacting operations and profitability
  • Reduce downtime and spot bottlenecks before they cost you money
  • Improve the productivity of people, processes and workflows

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