If you are interested in scheduling advanced training, please reach out to a member of your support team. We want all of our users to be successful running our transportation technology solutions.

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When customers move to Roadvision from their old TMS, the natural inclination for users is to continue to “do things” the way they are accustomed to doing them. In the beginning, that usually means using Roadvision in ways that work, but are not optimal.

Once users become familiar with our processes and workflows, they become eager and open to the changes Roadvision provides. This is why we strongly encourage every customers to take advantage of our continued education.

Continued education is an extremely important aspect of using any system, and is available to every customer. We host scheduled classroom-style webinars that are listed in our newsletter. Each newsletter will highlight calendared events by date, time, and subject matter.

If you are not signed up for our newsletters, please subscribe and check out the next calendared event.

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