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IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting Software

Roadvision IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting offers a complete set of fuel tax tools that assist carriers in productively managing all of their fuel tax and reporting tasks.

  • Miles driven and jurisdiction processing is automated
  • Fuel card integrations automate fuel purchase data-entry
  • Quarterly IFTA rate updates are automatically imported
  • Print State Reports quickly

Get a Complete View of Open Tax Liability

With Roadvision IFTA Fuel Tax Truckload & LTL Trucking Software, trucking businesses keep their trucks running legally and efficiently across state borders. Our powerful IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting Software provides simple and intuitive workflows that help carriers quickly audit driver miles to get a complete view of fleet activity and open tax liability.

Less Stress, More Productivity

Roadvision IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting software allows carriers to control the fuel tax process with confidence and peace of mind. Take advantage of automated processes that eliminate duplicate data-entry (or all data-entry in some circumstances). Using our Dispatching software with Fuel Tax Reporting, miles driven and jurisdictions are automatically processed from each trip into the fuel tax solution automatically.

  • Manage both bulk and over-the-road fuel purchases
  • Track mileage and mile-per-gallon by driver and truck
  • Analyze mileage and fuel analytics for fuel purchased, fuel used, MPG, refunds and credits
  • Access dozens of reports that track miles per state or miles per truck, as well as percent of miles per jurisdiction

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