Connect your Customer Service team to your freight. Create happy customers and logistics partners, and watch your business grow.

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Customer Service Trucking Software

Roadvision Customer Service solution provides a broad set of organized service tools that will help your service team deliver an amazing customer experience, every time. Make sure that your team is equipped with a 360-degree view of both logistics partner and customer information, empowering your team to easily schedule complex freight appointments.

  • Rate Quote: Quickly create, email and track rate quotes
  • Pickup Request: Submit pickup requests to dispatchers with a few keystrokes
  • Freight Tracking: Access and share connected freight progress updates in real-time
  • Account Visibility: System-wide 360-degree view of account information, such as open balance, notes and more
  • Appointment Scheduling: Easily manage freight appointment scheduling and confirmations

Easily Manage Appointment Scheduling

Help your Customer Service teams quickly and easily manage appointment scheduling. Stop relying on spreadsheets or written calendars and start easily filtering, sorting and isolating appointments by status, priority and more. When using Roadvision Customer Service, everything is organized, intuitive and visible system-wide.

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