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Driver Settlement Trucking Software

Powerful and Reliable Trucking Software That Will Insure Your Drivers Get Paid Quickly, Accurately and On-Time

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Driver Settlement Software

Driver Settlement Trucking Software

Roadvision Driver Settlement provides a flexible set of tools that enable carriers to efficiently manage complex driver pay contracts.

Driver Settlement Software

Simplify Driver Settlement Management

Our Driver Settlement LTL Trucking Software is built with the flexibility to handle all kinds and combinations of driver pay contracts. From Company Drivers and Owner Operators to Agent Carrier Drivers and Brokered Contract Drivers, each driver’s pay contract can be converted into an automated Driver Rate Plan.

  • Structure Rate Plans based on tiered, incremental, percent or flat values.
  • Setup Rate Plans based on freight, accessorial, fuel surcharge, hours and mileage.
  • Create recurring payment deductions such as reimbursements and chargebacks.
  • Define payment deductions start date, $ amount, interval and set the life of the deduction.

Stop Duplicate Data Entry

Roadvision Driver Settlement empowers carriers to advance business processes that assist efficient workflows and eliminating duplicate data-entry. Trip data from LTL Dispatching automatically flows into Driver Settlement allowing each driver’s Rate Plan to automatically calculate the pay per trip using our rating engine, RVNU.

Dispatching: Driver trip data flows into Driver Settlement automatically

Driver Settlement Trucking Software

Driver Settlement: Driver pay is auto-calculate using trip data

Driver Settlement Software

Accounting: Driver gets paid and General Ledger is updated

Driver Settlement Trucking Software

With Roadvision Driver Settlement Software carriers are able to simplify the process of tracking, auditing and settling driver accounts from pickup to drop off.

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